August 29, 2007


You 're asking yourself why
You feel you can’t get by
You feel you 're crawling on your knees
pentru KAS si PVA

da ma facut o obesie pentru Reamonn
si da! se pare ca am un tic verbal: "ideea e (ca)"

si oare de ce sunt asa de nemultimita de tot, dar in primul rand de mine?

August 25, 2007

Angels Fly

"Now is the time", she'd say, "to live the dream"
And she told us how she could fly


And she said "no need for goodbyes"
For we'd see her there in the skies where angels fly


And now she's soaring up through the sky
And she takes us all in her flight


And the love that she gave I keep down inside
I'm keeping it safe 'til I learn to fly


And I feel she is still alive
Where Angels Fly, Angels Fly